Fuzzy-headed thinking and the University of Minnesota

(Here is a copy of a letter I’ve sent to the contact at the Center. I cc’d the office of the University of Minnesota president, and bcc’d Pharyngula, Joe bless him)

The Center for Spirituality and Healing appears to be an organization, supported by my tax dollars through the University of Minnesota system, for spreading non-science and wishful thinking to both the academic and non-academic community.

If the Center supports “rigorous research” (their words), how could it possibly pass off as true such disproved practices as homeopathy? What does taking a “holistic approach to 2010 to foster total well-being, nurturing your mind, body, and spirit” have anything to do with academic achievement?

A news link on the CfSaH website trumpets “Healthy Giving, Healthy Living”. Visiting the web page, one sees the claim:

“[S]tudies show that with even the most modest of giving, people actually feel better about themselves, and that translates into improved physical and mental well-being. Giving strengthens the sense of connection to family and community, and offers a concrete way to improve the lives of others.”

This is followed by

“So please give a generous gift to the Center for Spirituality & Healing, another way of Taking Charge of Your Health.”

Quite aside from the abuse of language (poor syntax, grammar, and logic abound), using a “news” item to stage a request for donations is quite appalling. Trying to disguise a blatant request for money as something “spiritual” and “healthy” smacks of fraud.

The Center recently sponsored a Homeopathy Acute Care Workshop in the Health Sciences Tower on the UM main campus. How a paragon of learning and science like our state university could possibly condone such a travesty of science and medicine is far beyond me.

I urge the president of the University of Minnesota to review the activities of the Center and take an opportunity to ask why the hell a group that promotes quackery, wishful thinking, and a complete disregard for truth, scientific method, or reality continues to enjoy being under the auspices of an institution of learning.

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