NOM NOM NOM. It’s getting 8 up.

The National Organization for Marriage, a collection of religious zealots and homophobes unparalleled in wingnuttery, is now complaining about yet something else concerning the Proposition 8 trial currently in session in California:

Judge Vaughn Walker

The judge is gay.

Predictably, the NOM folks are bleating “unfair!”

I’m particularly struck by NOM’s claim that, by the time the proposed video feed for the trial was cancelled (due to Supreme Court dictate),

“the supporters of Prop 8 had already lost two-thirds of their expert witnesses who feared retaliation from the publicity.”

Retaliation for what? from whom? Could it be that these “expert witnesses” feared that their testimony would be picked apart in cross-examination? Is it possible that they didn’t want to look like the fools they would most certainly appear to be if the trial were broadcast and their “expert testimony” shown to be nothing more than reflections of religious bigotry? What happened to the courage of your convictions? I saw no fear from those who were testifying for the other side, despite centuries of retaliation for coming out of the closet or supporting those that have chosen to do so.


By extension, if a gay judge cannot render an unbiased decision in this matter, the same would be true for a straight judge. Or a Mormon, or a Catholic, or a Muslim, or a Christian fundamentalist judge.

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