McCarthyism rises zombie-like from the grave

1954. The hearings against the Army that brought down Joseph McCarthy’s reputation and his self-aggrandizing campaign against Communism in the U.S. (I couldn’t find online video or audio of the “I have evidence in these papers!” speech–the papers were blank–that catapulted McCarthy to infamy.)

2010. The words and actions against the Department of Justice (a favorite Joe McCarthy target) that may bring down Liz Cheney’s reputation as anything except a self-aggrandizing campaigner against terrorism. It’s ironic that she is targeting the DoJ and its lawyers she claims are “sympathetic to terrorists”. It is as if she’s reading out of McCarthy’s playbook. (Keep America Safe is a sock puppet for Cheney’s political interest.

No one ever credited Cheney (or McCarthy) with an overabundance of smart. Her apple didn’t fall far from her father’s tree.

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One comment on “McCarthyism rises zombie-like from the grave

  1. givesgoodemail says:

    Them dirty Commies….er, I mean, terrorists!

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