I know where to begin with this glurge

UPDATE: The Guinness Book does not grant awards based on people’s weight. Also, larger women than Ms. Simpson are on record as having given birth.



Donna Simpson says she wants to be in the Guinness Book of World Records again.

She’s in there once already for being the largest woman to have given birth at 532 pounds–with the help of 30 medical personnel and a high-risk Caesarian birth. That much fat involved in abdominal surgery almost guarantees fat embolisms and peritonitis, and knowingly involving a baby in such a birth is unconscionable and obscenely negligent.

Now she aims to be the largest woman in the world, period.

Her grocery bill runs $3000/month, and she supports that bill by offering a pay-per-view webcam so that those people who want to watch a woman slowly killing herself with McDonalds and KFC can watch.

Hmmm. Something sniffs wrong here.

There is a possibility that was brought up by Trophy Fiancé©, and it seems plausible.

This is all a fraud.

There’s no sign of the webcam. Google doesn’t find it, under all permutations of ‘”donna simpson” + webcam’. There are hundreds in the blogosphere looking for the webcam site, without success.

This reeks of someone who is trying to scare up fame and money by lying and then not delivering what was promised.

Here is quite likely another case of how viral material might be fallacious as easily as it could be factual.

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2 comments on “I know where to begin with this glurge

  1. jb says:

    glurge? idk. i think this is maybe her..



  2. [...] Update: We, and many others, have searched for her webcam without success, leaving us all too suspicious. [...]

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