Moral backbone appears on the Internet!

Google has apparently lifted the censorship filters that the Chinese government  demanded as a requirement for doing business in their country.

This image is now available when you search ‘Tiananman Square’ on

Hot damn! They actually did it!

This is also searchable at

Let’s see if Microsoft has the balls to follow suit with Bing. Anyone want to take a bet? I’ll offer 3-1 that they won’t.

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3 comments on “Moral backbone appears on the Internet!

  1. Cindy says:

    Just one more reason to bow before the mighty Google!

  2. Microsoft won’t stop doing business with the Ugandan government (32 million potential customers there) just because their software may soon be used to track executions of gays, so they’re not going to risk losing the Chinese market. We should expect them to count the billion Chinese who soon won’t be able to use Google and announce that Bing is the fastest growing search engine in the world.

  3. [...] Kettle. Black. I got all atwitter (not that Twitter) when Google announced it was going to remove its censorship filters from Google China. I thought, “Wow! [...]

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