Boy Scouts of America, meet the Catholic Church

A man is suing the Boy Scouts of America, claiming that the BSA allowed him to be abused by an assistant Scoutleader by the name of Timur Dykes in the 1980s.

What makes the case most interesting is the appearance of six large file boxes in the courtroom this week. Those boxes contain 1000 or so files, kept by the BSA, detailing cases of abuse of scouts for decades. These files are just now seeing the light of day by dint of a recent Oregon Supreme Court decision forcing the BSA to release the files.

Let me repeat that, because it sounds vaguely important:

The Boy Scouts of America has maintained hundreds of files describing abuse of scouts by adult scout leaders. The BSA has fought for decades to keep these files away from the police and from publicity.

Timur Dykes, three-time-convicted pedophile

The BSA excuses this fact by claiming that the files contain “confidential material”, and that the organization was using the information to keep leaders caught at one location from volunteering elsewhere.

Yeah, just like the Pope insisted that all priestly abuse cases be kept away from non-Catholic authorities.

First condoned homophobia, and now condoned homosexual pedophilia. Do you need any other reasons to keep your child out of this nest of hypocritical assholes?

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3 comments on “Boy Scouts of America, meet the Catholic Church

  1. Dan Zbichorski says:

    Just creepy and sinister.

  2. Athena says:

    The more a group/organization promotes its high moral standards, the greater the chance it’s hiding something.

    There have been rumors about the BS for years. Scouting has done wonderful things for kids; too bad it’s been tainted.

  3. [...] at the offender and then transfer him to another post, where he can rape again–just like the Boy Scouts of America. 2. “The Times continues to editorialize about the ‘pedophile crisis’, when all [...]

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