Countdown to a train wreck; approach of a new sunrise

Dr. George Rekers has resigned from his position on the board of directors of  NARTH, that homophobic exploiters of gay teen fears.

His name is no longer searchable on their web site, although his bio is still present. He also no longer shows up in searches on the University of South Carolina web site, despite that the fact that he’s a “distinguished professor emeritus” of neuropsychiatry and behavioral sciences.

His recent trip to Europe was not the first time Rekers had hired a gay escort.

And he’s got a bad case of combover.


Three gay couples in Minnesota have filed suit to overturn Minnesota’s laws preventing marriage of anyone except one man and one woman–a statute that’s been on the books since 1971. (The Fiancé© and I ran across this charming law when we applied for our marriage license last week.)

The couples say the 1997 Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was passed in violation of the “single subject” rule of the Minnesota Constitution and should be thrown out.

We can hope.

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