Reality check, please?

A few (inconvenient) facts:

No verifiable link has been found between autism and vaccinations. None.
Andrew Wakefield’s work has been completely discredited. (FFS, it was based on 12 subjects!) Wakefield’s “work” was based on economic gain; he was developing a single-disease measles vaccine that didn’t stand a chance economically unless the MMR vaccine was somehow removed from the market. His article in the Lancet that started this mess was withdrawn from the publication, and “Dr.” Wakefield lost his medical license due to malfeasance due to his unauthorized lumbar punctures and ileocolonscopies performed upon retarded children.
Near-universal vaccinations prevent disease onsets on people who cannot be vaccinated. Those who are allergic to the vaccine media, for instance, cannot have the shots administered and depend upon the population being protected to protect them. (For an interesting view of what a lack of herd immunity can do can be seen in a docudrama movie called Smallpox 2002.)
Thimerosal was removed from most vaccination mixes years ago, and yet autism rates continue to rise. There has been no verifiable link between thimerosol and autism or irritable bowel syndrome. (Thimerosal is a commonly-used antifungal and antibacterial agent that is contained in mercurochrome, a topical antiseptic once commonly used on cuts and scrapes.)

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2 comments on “Reality check, please?

  1. biodork says:

    No arguments here. And thanks for the movie recommendation – Smallpox 2002 looks *freaky*!

  2. Alisa says:

    I particularily like the fact that he tried to link it with a disease that has a strong genetic basis.

    People like him make me lose faith in society.

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