“I thought she was dead!”

Thus speaketh the Spouse® about the recent appearance of Anita Bryant in Oklahoma.

Remember Ms. Bryant? She represented beauty, America, and the Florida Citrus Commission’s advertising in the ’60s, until she grew fangs and green warty skin and spewed vomit came out as a rabid homophobe who called for the incarceration of homosexuals.

As a result, she lost her advertising gig and most of her cushy Hollywood connections, and continued to spew her venom until she gradually faded away to quietly “do good works” within the umbrella of the Anita Bryant Ministries.

Until last Friday. David Barton is such a party dog.

Send Ms. Bryant a nice note or phone call and tell her how you feel about homophobes, fear-mongering, and palling around with Christian Identity types who call for the execution of homosexuals. As usual, keep your missives concise and polite, please:

Anita Bryant Ministries International, Inc.
P.O. Box 22356
Oklahoma City, OK 73123

Office: 405.606.2264
Fax: 405.606.3001

BTW, ABMI headquarters are reportedly somewhere in Bricktown in Oklahoma City. If anyone would like to share a street address with us, it would not go amiss. UPDATE: Never mind–115 East California, above the Hooters Restaurant. Again, if you go there, be nice.

UPDATE: It seems that, in addition to her loathing of people of certain sexual orientations, her various attempts at business ventures have left behind a string of hot checks, unpaid employees and creditors, and two bankruptcies.

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