Tell me again why we support Karzei??

Afghan President Hamid Karzei now supports an attempt to reconcile with the Taliban rebels to reach a compromise that would result in peace in his country.

Admirable? Not the least fucking bit.

Why? Take a real good look at this bit of Taliban mentality:

Aisha (ironically the namesake of the object of Muhammed’s child rape desires), then 18, ran away from her husband’s family because they treated her like a slave and beat her. A local Taliban judge deemed the entire affair her fault, and allowed her husband to disfigure her nose and remove her ears.

Also from the article:

An Afghan refugee who grew up in Canada, Mozhdah Jamalzadah recently returned home to launch an Oprah-style talk show in which she has been able to subtly introduce questions of women’s rights without provoking the ire of religious conservatives. On a recent episode, a male guest told a joke about a foreign human-rights team in Afghanistan. In the cities, the team noticed that women walked six paces behind their husbands. But in rural Helmand, where the Taliban is strongest, they saw a woman six steps ahead. The foreigners rushed to congratulate the husband on his enlightenment — only to be told that he stuck his wife in front because they were walking through a minefield.

(BTW, the audience laughed uproariously at this.)

Kudos to Time Magazine for eschewing the usual bland, boring graphics normally inhabiting their covers. Now that we can see the human face of that which they are capable, perhaps the world will come a little closer to seeing the Taliban and their supporters as the unconscionable monsters they are.

There can be no compromise with such animals.

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