Remind me: *who’s* the barbarian here?

There’s a lovely story from Reuters about a United Nations resolution’s intent being shot down by a bunch of homophobic assholes.

The resolution, passed biannually by the UN, was originally worded to condemn “extrajudicial, summary and arbitrary executions”, including an explicit list of reasons for doing so. That list included “sexual orientation”.

This year, however, a number of Arab and African countries (including Morocco and Mali) pushed an amendment to the resolution that removed “sexual orientation” and replaced it with “discriminatory reasons on any basis”. The amendment passed 79-70 (the U.S. voted no), and the resolution passed the general assembly 165-0-10 (the U.S. abstained).

No one wants to be condemned for murdering (“extralegal”, indeed) gays, do they? Or suspected gays? Or people who aid and abet gays? How about “ministers of God” who promote “extralegal” murder?

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One comment on “Remind me: *who’s* the barbarian here?

  1. I often wonder if there’s some place online that sells “Who Would Jesus Execute?” bracelets. Fucking hypocritical assholes.

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