I’d bet Spawn action figures would be okay

This is some fucked-up shit superstitious religious nonsense.

Oooo. Sorcery and vampires--two scary, completely imaginary things

The Calgary AB branch of the Salvation Army is disposing of donated Christmas toys that carry a Harry Potter or Twilight imprimatur. Per SA Captain Pam Goodyear:

“The Salvation Army is based on Christian principles, so these things are not in line with those.”


We should, of course, ignore the fact that the same SA organization gladly distributes plastic models of M-16 assault rifles. I guess toys that deal with killing are okay.

I’d be curious to see if G.I. Joe and Spawn merchandise are given a pass.

The Calgary SA folks don’t even have the grace to donate “unwanted” items to other charities; such toys are dumpstered.

Tell the Canadian Salvation Army what you think about this:

The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda Territorial Headquarters
2 Overlea Boulevard
Toronto, Ontario M4H 1P4

416 425 2111

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