Guess what just disappeared from Sarah Palin’s SARAHPAC website?


Please note the entry for Gabrielle Giffords–the Arizona representative who just had her brains blown out by some murderous wackjob with a gun. Also, please note that the above graphic is being pulled off of while it’s “down for regular maintenance” or some such other bullshit.

Sarah Palin with a rifle on the Alaskan tundra–yawn.

Sarah Palin inspiring murder in Arizona–scary.

UPDATE: The Spouse, who is a member of Sarah Palin’s Facebook page, has noticed that numerous comments (including hers) about this appalling turn of events have been removed from Facebook, and others who have made negative comments have been kicked off the page. (Positive comments have been left up.) It’s a lame attempt at damage control.

UPDATE 2: While is down (the server’s not accepting connectons), the donation page for Sarahpac (no link posted, on purpose) works just fine, thank you very much. Also, Palin’s Facebook page will not accept comments of any kind now.

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4 comments on “Guess what just disappeared from Sarah Palin’s SARAHPAC website?

  1. givesgoodemail says:

    If there really is “no harm” in publishing the Crosshairs map, why was there such a rush to take it down quietly (and fail miserably at doing so)?

  2. Loretta says:

    I agree with above comments..VERY irresponsible to do..always some nut out there will take you seriously..Praying for victims and families!

  3. Loretta says:

    see someone got comment in before me..I AGREE with comments of this page..not first comment

  4. Ann says:

    At least on one Phoenix TV show they mentioned that Sarah Palin’s web site had the cross hairs on Rep Gabby. They should be real proud up there in AK to have a ex (half term ) Gov who Takes aim and targets people and some person who is obv mentally ill goes ahead, he is probably the one who broke in to the Rep. office after the health bill vote, they who provoke ill will must live with what they create

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