Return of the back-alley abortion

Remember those bad old days? Your government is openly promoting their return.

Mike Pence, Republican (naturally) representative from Indiana, sponsored an amendment to the 2011 spending bill that completely defunds Planned Parenthood.

PP supplies free (or cheap) gynocological exams, birth control supplies and education, counseling, treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, free condoms, and (yes) referrals for abortion services. (My daughter has used them for years.) The group has never in its history actually performed a single abortion.

However, that’s not good enough for House rethuglicans and their back-stabbing Democratic toadies (11 of them). They voted 240-185 to take away all federal funding for an organization that has stepped up to the plate to offer services to women and men who would otherwise be unable to afford the means to prevent unwanted pregnancies and STDs.

Why would Spence and his fellow fascists want to take away federal funding for such an organization?

He has avowed to take down any Title X organization that even thinks about abortions as an alternative.

Here is a glimpse of the America that Tea Party wackaloons and their Republican wannabes have in mind. Americans should take note of this, and should also stock up on wire coathangers. They might be needed.

Why is it almost always rich white oligarchs and their hangers-on who tell women they have to bear a child they don’t want to carry?

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