Does holding political office lower one’s IQ and cognitive function?

Don’t let anyone tell you that Minnesota’s federal legislators (read: Michele “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann) has a lock on our fine state’s wackadoo market.

Castration fan Represenatative Glenn Gruenhagen

Minnesota state representative Glenn Gruenhagen, supporter of farmyard-style castration for sex offenders, is an example of our state’s reich right wing. Not only has he sponsored a bill to halt state funding of the Affordable Health Care Act, he has also gone on public record about famous sexologist Alfred Kinsey:

“He published the Male and Female Report in 1948 and 1956. That research is filled with fraud and lies. That research provided a so-called justification for sex with children down under the age of five years old. It is fraudulent, it is a lie, and yet the Kinsey Institute out of Bloomington, Indiana, continues to publish and promote their filth into our government and into our sex education programs in our public schools. Do the research, ok? We need to destroy his research. It is filled with lies and fraud.”

Song writing does not make you an expert sexologist

Gruenhagen goes on to praise Dr. Judith Reisman, a well-known poseur in the sexology world who has attempted to debunk Kinsey and his work for decades. She has made a career trying to prove that

  • Alfred Kinsey was a pedophile and used data gleaned from pedophilic sources
  • the Nazi Party began as a homosexual movement (shades of Scott Lively!)
  • Playboy magazine promotes child sexual abuse through “cleverly planned cartoons”
  • pornography “subverts” cognition through the release of “erototoxins”
  • the only proper sex education revolves around abstinence


Speaking of Representative Bachmann: could someone give that dumbass a few lessons in history and geography, please?

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One comment on “Does holding political office lower one’s IQ and cognitive function?

  1. darkknight9 says:

    Well, it did have some mostly openly gay founders… until they were murdered… (those krazy krauts)

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