“It’s the context, the *context*, that’s important!”

The above quote is from George Carlin, who was referring to “dirty words”. He said there was no such thing as “dirty words”. He claimed that words, in and of themselves, were morally neutral. It was the context in which the words were used that was important. Richard Pryor called himself a nigger; that didn’t make him a racist.

A recent Gallup poll underlines a similar issue:

The poll, while it displays a heartening increase in societal tolerance of homosexuality, is derived from a mistaken assumption; it assumes there is a moral dimension to sex itself.

The act of sex (any sort of sex) is morally neutral; it’s the context of the act that is important. Was it consensual? Was it done to hurt someone? Was it done in an act of dishonesty? The context might make it immoral.

Given that, there should be no question about the morality of homosexuality, or its legal status. Proper laws must derive from an ethical or moral lapse. You do something wrong? You should be punished.

Name one thing that is morally or objectively wrong about homosexuality. I’ll wait.


You can’t, because there isn’t anything morally or objectively wrong about it.

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