Guess who came to lunch??

1st Lieutenant Daniel Choi, U.S. Army

The Spouse® found his contact information and wanted to thank him for his efforts to repeal DADT for our armed forces. His response was, “Hey! Why don’t we grab some lunch tomorrow?”

We were honored to do so, and we all had a blast. The man is articulate, funny, warm, and personifies the drive to change his country for the better.

What he did yesterday at a Netroots panel discussion was just the icing on the cake:

For those who cannot hear the audio track clearly:

NICK TSCHIDA (Obama volunteer): I can’t say I’m for marriage equality, but as a bisexual man, I would take a bullet for both of you.

CHOI: You say you’re not for marriage equality?

TSCHIDA: I can’t, no as a….

[sound of Choi ripping up a Obama pamphlet handed to him]

CHOI: Did you not understand? Here! I believe that I’m an equal citizen.

TSCHIDA: I understand that, but Obama hasn’t gone officially on record for it…

CHOI: Then, don’t tell me that I’m a bad person, go tell him that he should believe in my full equality and then report back.

TSCHIDA: Civil unions?

Choi exactly exemplified what my family and I believe about the current situation. Here is the comment I placed on one of the progressive blogs:

“Barack Obama rode to victory in 2008 with the assistance of a large majority of the LGBT community, which believed him to be the “change” and “hope” candidate. They supported him because he had gone on the record in 1996 as being “unequivocably” in favor of gay marriage.

“What we got in Obama is a “I don’t support gay marriage” presidency, followed by a “my opinion is evolving” presidency, followed by silence and lip service. There was no change, and subsequently no hope.

“I’m not gay and have nothing to gain personally from the advent of legal gay marriage…except for the chance to live in a country that truly believes in equality and due process.

“I fully understand Lt. Choi’s expression of frustration, and I fully support his stand.”

Lt. Choi, my family is ecstatic that you were willing to take the time to meet us, and we are all very proud to have met you.

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