“…but what about the CHIL-dren??!”

Whenever someone uses that phrase, or any variant of it, a big warning bell of skepticism should go off in your head.

The latest case of this is from Rick Joyner, founder of Morningstar TV. His latest screed is about American history, and it smacks of the very revisionist crapola he condemns. (By the way, Rick, the word history came from the Middle English word  historie, derived from the Latin historia, which in turn came from the Greek historía which meant learning or knowing by inquiry. The word does not come from “his story”, dumbass.)

Here’s the short version:

No citation or proof of his claim, of course–that’d be logical.

The longer version is here, if your stomach and/or sense of humor can withstand it, and have 30 minutes of your life to waste.

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