The war comes home

It seems that over 200 American cities contain active elements of the Mexican drug cartels, which are making charnel plots out  of Mexican towns and cities along the U.S.-Mexico border.

In 2008 the Department of Justice released its 2009 National Drug Threat Assessment, in which was claimed that the cartels had active influence in 230 American cities. The most recent version of the study (from 2010) doesn’t contain a city count, but mentions that the cartel’s reach has been “spreading”. It seems that the cartels have established roots with U.S. gangs and prison gangs to extend their reaches, and that the Columbian cartels have lost influence within the U.S. in favor of Mexican gangs.

When will the pinheaded morons in our government realize that we will never, ever win the war on drugs? that prohibition, be it of alcohol or marijuana or other drugs, cannot and will not work? (Liquor prohibition in America was responsible for the rise to prominence of the Sicilian Mafia.)

When it will be realized that the only way to end the influence of foreign drug organizations on the U.S. is to legalize, regulate, and tax the use of drugs?

How many more law enforcement officials must die?

How many innocents in Latin America and in our country must suffer?

How much money must be wasted on the “war on drugs”–a war that we will never win?

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One comment on “The war comes home

  1. darkknight9 says:

    We will never stop the war on drugs when crap like Fast and Furious are laid upon the public every year.

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