There’s nothing quite so satifying…

…as getting rid of a pissy vendor.

I’ve endured PayPal for years. Its outward appearance and purpose seem highly desirable; it is an opportunity to securely buy goods and services, and it is (or used to be) an easy, cheap way to get money to people.

However, there is a dark side, and I ran across it several years ago. I returned a purchase from eBay because the seller had fraudulently described the item (a used oboe). When I discovered the fraud, I arranged to return the item and asked the seller to return my money. I sensibly got a return receipt request arranged. However, since I didn’t read the fine print on PayPal’s return policies and therefore didn’t walk in lockstep with their rules I didn’t get my money back.

(The seller in the meantime closed his eBay account and–undoubtedly–opened another one.)

PayPal’s customer service was pretty snotty about the entire thing and was entirely unhelpful.

Oh, and eBay buyers beware! eBay owns PayPal. (I don’t use either one anymore.)


Now along comes Anonymous. They’re pissed that PayPal cut WikiLeaks off from its funding conduit. At first, Anonymous struck back in its own way and committed DDoS attacks on PayPal servers.

However, now they’ve gotten it right. They’re calling for people to shut down their PayPal accounts and show snapshots of the process.

Well, here ya goes, folks:

Keep in mind that a year ago this page didn't even exist. You had to call them and put up with a grilling in order to close an account.

"You'll lose all your data!" Baby, I'm *counting* on that.

Oh, *now* they're concerned about being a good vendor.

"...and we'll take $1.50 when you leave!"

After begging and (vague) threats, it's done.

When I was asked why I was leaving, and given a checkbox list to choose from, I discovered that they only allowed three choices out of 15 or so.

Think they’ll listen to my comments?

Think again.

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