Boy Scouts–your child’s shortcut to bigotry and hatred

The Boy Scouts of America has a long history of homophobia and religious bigotry.

Denise Steele found this out after six years of active service to them.

Her son Jackson was a Cub Scout, and Ms. Steele was an active leader in that group. When Jackson turned 12, he moved on to the Boy Scouts, and his mom followed right along, working hard to become an assistant Scoutmaster.

Sounds like a nice arrangement, right? Here’s a parent who takes an active role in her children’s interests. Here’s a parent who provides positive role model qualities to her children and to other parents.

The only fly in the ointment? Ms. Steele is gay.

Jaden and Jackson Steele, Denise Steele (mom), and Jackie Funk (mom)

Denise Steele and Jackie Funk have been in a steady relationship for 19 years. Steele didn’t flaunt her sexual orientation, but she didn’t try to hide it either–much like most other adults.

Now enter into this drama Asshole #1. Waterheaded buttinsky ‘phobe Assistant Scoutmaster Skip Inabinett started asking questions about Ms. Steele and her family life. When he discovered that (gasp!) she was gay, he made noise to the scout troup’s charter organization leader Esther Schaeffer (Asshole #2) and Phil Holliday (Asshole #3), the executive pastor at Christian Fellowship Church, which is the troup’s sponsor.

Schaeffer and Holliday then ousted Steele from the group, claiming that they were only obeying orders following the Boy Scouts’ charter rules. The irony here is that the lead Scoutmaster (Mike Tucker) knew about the relationship between Steele and Funk because Steele told him about it up front; Tucker told her that it shouldn’t be a problem.

Boy, was he wrong.

While some chapters follow the group’s rules religiously (no pun intended), others use some discretion and (gasp again!) common sense. It is not common for women to be involved in Boy Scout leadership, and the fact that she was willing to do so speaks volumes for her worth as both a parent and a caring person.

Christian Fellowship Church, unfortunately, doesn’t practice the compassion they preach. The church tosses out a hard-working mother because of a matter that is strictly personal and doesn’t enter into her abilities or fitness one tiny bit.

You might want to drop a line or a call (keep it civil, please) to Phil Holliday and his sanctimonious bunch at

Christian Fellowship Church
21673 Beaumeade Circle, Ashburn, VA 20147

Let them know what you think about religious organizations that weigh irrelevancies far above a person’s worth and the good works that they do.

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4 comments on “Boy Scouts–your child’s shortcut to bigotry and hatred

  1. BearDrummer says:

    I have had run ins with the Boyscouts myself. When I was in Mississippi, the Boyscouts set up fund raisers in front of Walmart. The troop leaders stood behind the table where the boys were sitting and handing out pamphlets etc. making derogatory remarks about a black woman who was struggling to push a cart with an infant carrier in the basket, a toddler in the child seat with one hand, and hold the hand of a pre-schooler with the other. They continued to entertain themselves by cracking racist hand homophobic jokes.

    When I left the store, the boys asked if I wanted to donate. I politely, but loudly enough that the men behind could hear, told the boy that it went against the teachings of my religion to donate to an organization that practiced prejudice.

    Unfortunately, these kinds of people consider the objections of others to simply be the work of Satan, trying to pull them from their moral obligations.

  2. Anon says:

    For those of you who go on to the original Loudoun Times article, you should be aware of problems throughout the piece. The “reporter” Laura Peters did absolutely no research in her mad dash to present Steele’s plight, and in the process made grievous errors which make the article laughable. I outlined the errors in an email to Peters and excerpt them below…”

    Edit by author: [a long-winded list of errors that are relatively trivial and have nothing to do with the brunt of this post]

  3. givesgoodemail says:

    Anon, if you really believe in what you say above, you would not remain anonymous.

    The long-winded list that I edited out in the above comment have nothing to do with my post. The Boy Scouts of America threw out a hard-working parent sheerly because of whom she chooses to sleep with.

    Typical fuckwit move.

  4. blueglass says:

    I was about to go to bed, but first wanted to check on my son and his friend who was sleeping over. They were both 14 years old. They had used the old kid’s trick of putting pillows under the blankets to have it look as if they were safe in bed. They were not, and it was 1:00am. I panicked. Long story short…….they had been picked up by their SCOUTMASTER and driven to a National Park without my knowledge!!! He was a pedophile. I would not let a child of mine anywhere near the Scouts and advise ALL parents to be aware. Pedophiles connect up with groups like the Scouts, hiding like dogs behind a veneer of wholesomeness. Not all, but some. Be cautious.

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