“There’s at least one sane man in Cloud-Cuckoo-Land.”

Bernie Sanders

I like Bernie Sanders.

For those of you who don’t know him, he’s the only real politically independent member of Congress these days. (Joe Lieberman is one of those “who’s bidding the most for my favor” sorts of independents and doesn’t count.)

Sanders spent 7 terms in the U.S. House as an independent and is currently the junior senator from Vermont. Like many New Englanders Sanders is not shy about letting people know how he stands on the issues. He classifies himself as a Socialist, and usually ends up siding with Senate Democrats on most issues.

Sanders campaigned against the bank bailouts that has continued to allow banks and other financial institutions to continue trading in risky ventures. He filibustered the Senate for 8.5 hours to rail against extending the Bush-era tax cuts that have given the rich a shot in the arm and reduced federal revenues substantially. He opposed all U.S. military action since Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

Sanders has recently introduced a bill into the Senate that calls for removing the payroll cap on Social Security payments. That would mean that those taxpayers who make more than $106,000/year will no longer have all income above that level exempt from Social Security benefit payments. It will increase revenue to the SS fund substantially.

That seems a fair move. It helps increase the solvency of the Social Security fund without cutting benefits or raising the rates of the payroll deduction for the rank-and-file.

Of course it’ll piss off the corporate shills and Koch meat puppets in Congress.

Write this man and your own Congresscritters and tell them you like what you see.

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