“I’m not smart enough to figure out what my boyfriend wants, so he has to beat me occasionally.”

“Math is hard!” intoned an old model of Talking Barbie. The first time I heard it, I was appalled. I was waiting for more such wise adages like “Boys are much smarter than I am!” and “You’re so strong!”, all delivered in that sparkling, lilting mezzo-soprano from that improbably wasp-waisted, big-titted plastic body.

This society is constantly reminding girls that they’re “not as smart” or “not as brave” or “not as clever” as boys. J.C. Penney’s is now making its contribution:

Color me not impressed.

It’s not all that large a step from this shirt to “I’m not clever enough to make important life decisions; my husband has to do to that for me”, or…

…to the statement contained in this blog’s title.

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