Narrow-minded stupidity reigns, even on college campuses

University of Wisconsin–Stout theatre professor James Miller has a problem with censorship.

Gorram fascists.

He hung a poster of Serenity‘s Captain Malcolm Reynolds and a quote from Reynolds that illustrated one of his moral stances. The poster was removed by university police at the direction of Chief Lisa A. Walter. She claimed in an email to Miller that “it is unacceptable to have postings such as this that refer to killing”. She also threatened Miller with arrest if he put the poster back up.

Miller’s response was to put up another poster on his door:

This poster, too, was taken down by campus police. This time the excuse was that the poster “depicts violence and mentions violence and death“.

“And this time around, the university’s ‘threat assessment team’ was called in and concluded, in consultation with the University General Counsel’s office, that the poster could be reasonably expected to ’cause a material and/or substantial disruption of school activities and/or be constituted as a threat,’ and should therefore be removed. Raymond Hayes, the interim Dean of the University’s College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, has arranged a meeting with Miller on September 30 to address ‘the concerns raised by the campus threat assessment team.’”

PuhLEEZ. If this were true, every R-rated action movie ever shown on campus is far more explicit about violence and death and should be banned.

This is the result of bureaucrats with egos several sizes too large for their pinheads.

(Thanks for the tip, Kirk!)
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