Someecards hits the X-ring!

To tell the truth, it’s small surprise. The Komen Foundation, much like United Way, is infamous for wasting large percentages of donated moneys to staff salaries, administration, and overhead. Less than 15% of your donations go to cancer research, and now none of your donations go to fund breast cancer screenings for poor women — at least as far as Planned Parenthood is concerned.

Shame, shame on the Komen people, especially the chair of its board Alexine Clement Jackson, and its CEO Nancy Brinker.

The Komen Foundation corporate office number is 877-465-6636. Give them a call (be firm but polite, please.) Tell them exactly how you feel the next time you go to a women’s health event in which Komen has the nerve to raise its head. Let’s see if the anti-choice haters make up the difference from the millions in lost donations that will be needed to keep Jackson and Brinker in their phoney-baloney jobs (at $400K+/year, thanks for asking). [It seems Jackson took no salary for the position of board chair -- my bad.]

Side note: The Denver and Connecticut chapters of the Komen Foundation have broken with their national organization and told the board to go fuck itself. Those two groups didn’t break faith with those who need their services most.

Thanks to Joe for the Someecards barb, and thanks to The Spouse for this tip on Mr. Colbert’s take on the Komen litigations:

“Anybody who knows me knows I am a huge supporter of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation, which raises millions of dollars a year in the fight against breast cancer . . . So I’m giving a big Tip of my Hat to the Komen foundation for spending almost a million dollars a year in donor funds to sue these other groups. If they don’t own the phrase “for the Cure,” then people might donate money thinking it’s going to an organization dedicated to curing cancer, when instead it’s wasted on organizations dedicated to curing cancer.”


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2 comments on “Someecards hits the X-ring!

  1. Jules says:

    This is also one of the most litigious charitable foundations who have made it their business to go after people and little organizations who use the phrases: “for a cure”. “for the cure” , or “race for a cure”. Really despicable and ironic considering some of the people they went after were raising money for the Susan G. Komen foundation or other cancer foundations. Also you cannot use the color pink in conjunction with “cure”. An interesting article:

  2. [...] detectors get when this statement is read. Of course it done for political reasons. There are strong anti-choice forces within the Komen Foundation, and they were given control of the foundation by Karen Handel, [...]

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