“Ya know, boah, somtahms reality jist grabs yuh ‘n shakes th’ livin’ daylights outtaya.”

Take a moment. Sit back and relax. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Consciously relax and take a long moment to recenter yourself.

Done? Good.

Now look at this article:

Click to enbiggen

Do you feel your blood pressure rising? Can you feel that catch in your breath as you see the headline and its accompanying photo of women in a long line in a beautiful, sun-lit mall, going to get their abortions?

Before you snuff your own life with a cerebral aneurysm, look just above that picture at this:

It’s satire, folks. It’s a joke.

Planned Parenthood does not run a big-box mall storefront for women who are getting abortions. Never have. Never will. Really.

What Planned Parenthood does offer are breast cancer screenings (the Komen Foundation’s pathetic attempts at stopping them notwithstanding), reduced-price and free contraceptives distribution (mostly condoms and birth control pills), sex education and anti-STD education programs, and well-women gynecology examinations. Less than 3% of PP’s budget is used for abortion referrals.

Remember, though, that anti-choice zealots often have no sense of humor or reality:

Could someone tell Congresscritter Fleming that Reality is on line 2 and Humor is on line 3 for him? They’re both pissed off.

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2 comments on ““Ya know, boah, somtahms reality jist grabs yuh ‘n shakes th’ livin’ daylights outtaya.”

  1. Xavier Yes says:

    Great blog you’ve got here. I love the “Redefinitions” on the sidebar – they made me crack up. Your referring to the candidate as “Dick Santorum” is subtle genius. Lastly, while you do have a good number of them here, I wouldn’t mind seeing even more Republican quotes – there are just so many that highlight the utter insanity and complete lack of morals in the party.
    Speaking of The Onion, have you seen this site (not mine, though I really wish I’d thought of it): http://onionlike.tumblr.com/
    A co-worker showed it to me, and I’ve been hooked since.
    The Onion is such an amazing snapshot of what’s called source amnesia – forgetting where you heard information, which leads to the misinformation spreading. It’s a pretty fascinating phenomenon.
    Keep up the good opinions.


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