Christian “charity” writ large

Never did understand why Ed Young or Robert Schuller or Ted Haggard thought spending millions on a mortgage was a more Christian act than congregating in a modest building and using that money to open food banks or maintain free medical clinics for children.

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3 comments on “Christian “charity” writ large

  1. Tafacory says:


    • givesgoodemail says:


      I remember as a child not understanding the inherent contradiction in the church having a large mortgage (“remember, folks, we need the money to make the monthly note!”) and the stories of Jesus showing forgiveness, embracing poverty, and reminding his followers that charity was a cornerstone of his faith.

      I got better, though.

      • Tafacory says:

        If anything, the leaders of these megachurches are the same people that Jesus through out of the Temple. I’m going to assume that you’ve read The God Delusion by Dawkins. I find his criticisms of the American church system and its abuse of power and tax rights to be spot on.

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