Got hit by a tornado? You’re shit out of luck in Paul Country.

Ron Paul from yesterday’s State of the Union from CNN:

Interviewer: “You have frequently been critical of FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the federal money that is given to some of these home owners and those that are also — other victims of storms like this. Is there a role for federal money in helping all of these citizens get their lives back together?”

Ron Paul: “Not really, because it’s not authorized and there is no such thing as federal money. Federal money is just what they steal from the states and steal from you and me. So there is no federal money unless you say, well, they can print it and cause internal problems…

“And to point out, well, they might give you a home, yes, they bought a lot of trailers for Katrina, you know, and it’s just so wasteful, inefficient. But, you know, the Guard units and other things within the states certainly is there. The people who live in Tornado Alley just as I live in a hurricane alley, they should have insurance for doing this.” (Emphasis mine.)

Way to go with that tiny shriveled thing you call your humanity, Mr. Paul.

The next time one of you PaulBots returns to your home the morning after a tornado strikes and you see this,

What do you think the chance is that your insurance agent is standing out there with cash, waiting for you to show up?

remember his words.

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6 comments on “Got hit by a tornado? You’re shit out of luck in Paul Country.

  1. Is it up to the tax payers to ensure that your home is paid for if destroyed? Is it up to the Federal Government to rebuild every home owners home that is destroyed by an “act of God”? This kind of behavior will further endebt an already in debt nation. We can’t live like that. What will the Government expect in return? Higher taxes?

    It is up to the individual to take responsibility for themselves and have home owners insurance. It’s up to the community and charities to help out and do their part. If people want to help they can donate their time and money. Why is this the Governmen’t job? Why are we passing the buck on to the Government and not take action ourselves.

    This is what Ron Paul is trying to say. Not that these people shouldn’t be helped, but that it is no the place of the federal Government. There are too many consequences of thinking that way.

    • Besides, we’ve seen what happens when the federal government tries to help (ask New Orleans). It’s not effective and it costs more than its worth. Do you want that kind of aid?

      Charities like Red Cross did 100 times more good AND didn’t cost tax payers a dime.

      • I used to be a great believer in free markets, little-o objectivist philosophy, and pull-yourself-up-by-your-own-bootstraps ideas.

        Not so much now. Why?

        Because those philosophies would be valid if the world were full of angels who didn’t live within a social web. But that doesn’t describe the human race. We are all interdependent on each other, like it or not. We all live within the web, and we depend upon each other in the event of trouble.

        In the case of these tornado victims (or Katrina victims), the Red Cross could not begin to give any sort of comprehensive catastrophe support for the thousands of families who lost their home, have no power or running water, or lost their livelihoods. Unless you’ve lived through it as I have, you have no idea what it’s like to do without sanitation, without transportation, or without food for extended periods of time. The Red Cross cannot rebuild infrastructure, businesses, or homes, and cannot resettle people so that they can get on with their lives.

        Like it or not, the only organization that has the reach, power, and resources to put such things right is the government. And as inefficient as it is, dumping money into disaster relief is the quickest way to repair infrastructure and get life back to normal. FEMA is a horribly wasteful program, but (short of NASA) you’d be hardpressed to name one that isn’t.

        Yes, it’d be nice if a private organization with the government’s resources and clout would exist to efficiently take care of such situations. Shoulda-coulda-woulda.

        And that bullshit comment of Paul’s about “they should have insurance” — he should be ashamed of that. They should all have a livelihood that would pay for insurance, but many don’t.

      • If they have enough money to own a home then they should have enough money for home-owners insurance. If they are renting – renters insurance is about $30 a month that covers all accidents.

        I do agree that people are inately selfish, but that includes those in the Government. If we trust them to bail us out – we will all fail.

        This isn’t a social saftey net we’re talking about – its taking ownership of your home and life. This is about the community.

        When Katrina happened the Government failed to help – even though people were relying on it – and eventually things took their natural course. People moved in with family, the community and charities helped, the local governments eventually repaired. Slowly things got back to normal with a valuable lesson learned.

        This reliance on the Government is a learned behavior – we have to relearn to rely on eachother, our families, and ourselves. Not all Government is a bad thing, but to what end do we allow the federal government to step in?

      • givesgoodemail says:

        Guess what? There are a *lot* of people out there with no insurance. It isn’t free, and when it’s a choice between insuring a home and making sure your kids have shoes that fit and dinner to eat most people choose the immediate need.

        Homeowners insurance doesn’t pay to fix the electrical systems, or water pumping and purification plants, and your children’s school.

        We are absolutely talking about the social safety net — it’s called the government. It pays for the roads, and bridges, and police and fire protection. Paul denies that any of that is necessary for a healthy society.

        Try using nothing that your taxes and government supply for a month, and then come back and tell us all how you fared.

      • The Government should fix things that they “control”. For example, roads, schools, etc. That is why you pay local and federal taxes.

        Those things that belong to you – i.e. your home and your belongings are your repsonsibility to insure. Everyone doesn’t require home ownership – if you can’t afford it then live in an apartment where the risks of losing everything are lower and insurance is lower.

        I grew up poor and parents that lived off the Government. Honestly, they did it to themselves because they grew used to the entitlement system. To me, it is up to the person to do what’s best for themselves and their family.

        I think we both want to help people – I jsut believe its up to the community, charity, and the family – not the tax payers who put money into an inefficient Government who uses only a small portion of that money to help the people.

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