What’s sauce for the goose isn’t necessarily sauce for the gander. Right?

In old Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman. She innocently opened a buried urn she had found and released the evils of the world that the gods had purposely confined and buried. (Sounds like Eve, doesn’t it?) This was part in parcel with the gods’ efforts to punish humanity for receiving the gift of fire given to them by Prometheus.

Pandora is now a member of the Kentucky state legislature. She’s in the guise of state senator Jimmy Higdon (a Republican, naturally). Higdon is sponsoring Senate Bill 158, which is a proposed state amendment designed to

“…prohibit any human authority from burdening actions that are based on religious beliefs, except in support of a compelling governmental interest using the least restrictive means to further that interest.”

The Family Foundation of Kentucky and the Catholic Conference of Kentucky both endorse this attempt to add an amendment to the Kentucky state constitution that would allow people to legally perform actions based upon religious belief, even if those actions are illegal.

Isn’t it ironic that this same bunch of self-congratulatory nincompoops who want to “expand” religious freedoms (presumably for fundie Christians and Catholics) don’t want those same freedoms allowed for fundie Muslims? All groups would presumably be allowed to arrange for forced marriages, prevent women from owning property, and even presumably allow for “honor” killings.

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