Occupy! comes to Sinfest!

One of the most inspirational cartoons I’ve run across in a long time. (Click to enbiggen.)

Thank you so much, Mr. Ishida!

(MILD SPOILERS) There are some back-stories you may not know about — Blondie is fighting the Patriarchy from within (ala The Matrix), the little devil (in the last frame) is Lucifer’s outcast son, the woman with the megaphone has been made aware (by Blondie) that the Patriarchy is everywhere, and the Devil *is* the Patriarchy.

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2 comments on “Occupy! comes to Sinfest!

  1. MrPeach says:

    I don’t believe lil E is Lucifer’s son, he’s like Seymour – just a huge fanboy.

    • givesgoodemail says:

      There have been some strips that point at a familial connection between BIg E and Lil E. (Of course, I can’t find them right now.)

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