“You guys always bring me the *very* best violence.”

Mr. Universe’s gratitude (expressed in the title of this entry) parallels my own when it comes to The Spouse. She finds me the best stuff to write about.

Today was no exception. This was posted by Darwin Phillips on Facebook:

Taking America Forward Instead of Backward:

I recently read this response to some O haters in a page I was a’trollin’…

To your distress, for most of the rest of your life, you will bear this:

That Barack Obama, whether re-elected or not, will always be President. He will always be the man from a mixed race background that became the President of the US, he and his wife will be welcomed throughout the world by nations and their leaders, the most influential members of the arts and sciences will be their acquaintances and companions. He will be regarded and honored as the President who entered office during a deep recession and two wars and turned the country around.

You will always justify your lack of achievement on the unfairness of every system, your lack of success on the government or regulation, your failure to accomplish anything in a country where impoverished immigrants with limited language skills are succeeding around you on the liberals or the communists or the elites.

The small satisfaction you garner while spouting derisive comments here only exists in your self-delusion and is a pale comfort compared to the reality that exists around you.

You can try to salve your bitter existence with theories of international Kenyan plots or document fraud, whatever. But that is your future. Your world will always be limited by your small-mindedness, your associates only those that are as poorly adapted to the world around them, your accomplishments non-existent and your life a bitter existence.

It’s time to move on. In your journey into denial, you’ve already sacrificed your conscience and whatever claim to character you had. Your pretense at a deity derived morality is mocked by your myopic hatred of the ‘other’. Your concept of patriotism is waving a child’s flag on the sidelines as others defend your liberty.

Bush 41 and spouse are living into their nineties, the Obama’s will too. You’ll see them at the inaugurals, your TV will tell you of their lives and that of their daughters, of their successes and their trips and the books they write and their accolades.

Make it easy on yourself. Take a deep cleansing breath and just let go, make the best of your situation. Whether re-elected or not, he will always be the 44th President of the US, and your children and their children will read of him in their history books, the first black man elected president of the US.

If not re-elected, he will be healthier and wealthier than he is as President, but he is willing to make that sacrifice for you.

You still live in a free country made more safe and prosperous by your President, and he, the First Lady and their children will always have you in their prayers.

And while those deriders that Phillips mentions contemplate their own lack of success, they can contemplate this list of presidential accomplishments.

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One comment on ““You guys always bring me the *very* best violence.”

  1. Mark says:

    Obama seems like a nice enough guy and like you say he and Michele have a long list of ‘personal’ accomplishments.

    What bothers me, is not anything that you have mentioned above but the attack of his administration on basic freedoms. To the point that his keystone legislative ‘achievement’ is thought by legal experts (for example on the SCOTUS) to be unconstitutional.

    Riddle me this. If Obama’s opponents, myself included are such racists why is it that they seldom speak of race even in the face of almost nonstop race baiting from the other side. (Note here the nifty editing of 911 calls in the Trayvon and Zimmermann case, the attack on the voter registration laws (ID cards are somehow racist, in states where illegal immigration is a huge issue, the attack on states which are wrestling with immigration issues).

    Unelected Czars who are given unconstitutional powers. There is a huge arrogance in this administration that is raising real concerns. These are the things on the top of the administration’s agenda.

    It is not Obama who is hated. I think he seems to be smart, and an upstanding guy. Got no problem with him receiving honors long after I am dead. What concerns me if freedom, And this adminstration is attacking it, not promoting it..

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