“Your true colors, shining through”

The religious crapnuts are again showing you what the world would be like, if they were in charge.

Ever heard of Fred Karger? He’s running for the Republican presidential nomination. He’s the candidate you never saw on the televised debates; he’s the candidate that the other candidates never chose to face.

Why? Because he’s moderate (gasp!), pro-choice (gasp!), and pro-marriage equality (gasp!gasp!). And he’s gay and open about it.

‘Nuff said, right?

Here’s his latest campaign video (for the California primary):

This video was posted on YouTube, and then taken down within 24 hours. Here’s the notice Karger’s campaign folks got:

Look through the video yourself, and try to see what “community guidelines” were violated.

The two guys smooching is my best guess. Should that give this video the old “heave-ho” at a time when you can see naked breasts and outlines of erections through tight underwear throughout YouTube?


Send the anti-equality wackjobs a message and do the viral thing with this video, ‘kay? Show YouTube the veracity of Great Internet Truth #12.

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