“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.”

Josh Weed is a clinic therapist, happily married to Lolly (his lovely wife) with whom he has three adorable daughters, and they are active members of the Latter-Day Saints church.

Josh is also gay, and now he’s out to the world.

WTF? I hear you say. (I heard myself say it.)

Josh and Lolly write at length about their marriage, their feelings, and how they make their situation work.

And the post brought to tears to my eyes.

The family and I had a discussion about Josh and his marriage yesterday, and I tried to get through to the Horsemen (or three of them, anyway) that as long as a couple love each other, and can make a healthy and safe home-life for themselves and their children, Josh’s homosexuality doesn’t matter a damn.

While the rest of Josh’s blog consists of funny stories about his family and life, this latest post is as serious as a heart attack and as thought provoking as anything I’ve read lately.

Read the Weeds’ post — it’s well worth your time.

(Thanks, yet again, to The Spouse for this tip.)

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