Karma can be a cast-iron bastard at times

Shellie Zimmerman was charged with perjury in Seminole County, Florida, today.

She and her famous husband George apparently (allegedly) conspired to hide his web-generated $200,000 nest egg before the trial judge twigged to its existence. Their behavior and actions indicate that they had both knowingly lied about its existence and tried to hide the money before George’s bail was set.

She hid a good bit of it in a bank account belonging to her sister.

First the discovery of George’s second passport (the existence of which he failed to divulge), then the discovery of the $200,000 (after George and Stella both lied and said they were “almost penniless”), and now a perjury charge.

Ain’t karma a bitch?

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2 comments on “Karma can be a cast-iron bastard at times

  1. Mark says:

    Other sources have said it was $135,000.00. But regardless, you can go to jail for perjury.

    Ironically it is probably the only charge that can be made to stick in this case since the prosecution is a politically motivated sham (over charging, withholding important information from the indictment etc) .

    The obviously incompetent special prosecutor has been vilified on national TV for her handling of the case by a prominent Harvard Law professor, whom she has threatened to sue (libel) along with threats to Harvard Law intended to get them to fire him. If she does sue she will lose is that the Karma you are referring to?


  2. Mark says:

    This whole case is a tragedy in search of illusive justice. There can be no real justice short of resurrecting Trayvon Martin and in spite of what the bible says we know that ain’t going to happen.

    But is has become so much more than a personal tragedy for the Martins and the Zimmermans. It is now a political symbol for the fact that there is so little trust between the races in the USA. For whatever people who would be in other circumstances reasonable are on edge, even paranoid.

    Everyone who touches this case is getting burned, the Police, the District Attourny, Corey, Dershowitz..

    I think the best result would be if Zimmerman would plead. A conviction on a lesser charge (say manslaughter, unlawful homicide). This might salve the racial anger (which admittedly I can see the reason for) and would be more in keeping of the circumstances. But I think Zimmerman is going to walk because he has a self defense remedy, wholly apart of the stand your ground law. Now morally this may not seem right but I think technically he has that case. Worst still he is likely to get a mistrial or have the whole thing thrown out. With Corey’s antics this definitely would not withstand an appeal.

    So yeah at least they got him for perjury.. hopefully no riots this year..

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