Fooled me once…

You remember that post of mine about Josh Weed from last week? The post about the gay Mormon who is married to a woman and has a family?

He fooled me. And a lot of other people as well. The Spouse hit this one on the head right off the bat, and Joe has now outed his two-faced-ness.

Meet the real Josh Weed:

Please note several items here:

  • the Seattle Pacific University degree (where school code specifically forbids “pre-marital, extramarital, or homosexual sexual activity”). SPU is a religious university whose degrees are, well, not well-esteemed within academe
  • Josh’s self-professed therapeutic preference: “those with sexual identity issues and unwanted sexual attractions and/or behaviors”
  • the other therapists who work at LifeStar Washington, including LifeStar Washington director Shawn Gillies, who “especially enjoys speaking to and educating parents on how to teach their children healthy sexuality”

It seems odd that Josh would choose to go to a college where his very preferences were outlawed by school code. It seems odd that Josh would choose to “help” others deny their sexual feelings, just as he has denied his. It seems odd that Josh would associate with other therapists who “especially enjoy” telling gays and lesbians that what they feel is wrong (as if society didn’t do enough of that).

Josh Weed is just another George Reker. Weed is just another badly-adjusted closet case who practices an unrecognized form of treatment– “ex-gay therapy” — a therapy thoroughly repudiated by professional psychology and psychiatry groups; moreover, he doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to tell his patients that their sexuality is a problem, while freely admitting that it’s okay for him to be gay.

It is particularly horrifying that Weed’s clinic concentrates its efforts on children, and cloaks himself as someone who “just wants to help”. Imagine paying someone to tell your child/teenager that the way she/he feels is wrong and sinful and a one-way trip to Hell.

So the next time you see Mr. Weed and his lovely family basking in the sun of het privilege, look him straight in the eye and ask him what it’s like to be a good and thorough hypocrite, and a professional fraud.

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One comment on “Fooled me once…

  1. iDavid says:

    You hit it man. He says he is gay but has never had gay sex. What a total freak! He knows nothing about relating to his own mirror, another man, yet chastizes others against doing it. This is lower than low. This is a predator, a sexual molestor legally at work. He should be shot and/or jailed.

    Thx for your post, it’s spot on.

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