What does Pride mean?

It’s pride weekend this weekend or next weekend for the majority of American cities that have parades and/or festivals to celebrate being gay, or bisexual, or transgendered, or an ally of any of the above. Prides are fun, even for children (save the not common exhibitionist whose appearance might spark a long conversation with your younger children).

Joe My God is one of my favorite blogs, and he is currently running a reprint of one of his annual posts concerning Pride. He has some penetrating (no pun intended) insights into the phenomenon. Here is but one of them:

“Oh, you could test run a ‘defective’-free parade. You could form urban anti-drag squads and go around to all the gayborhoods on the morning of the parade and give all the drag queens 50% off coupons for Loehmann’s, offer good during the parade only. And they’d GO, of course, cuz hey, those girls love a bargain. But the resultant bland, humorless, ‘normal’ gay parade wouldn’t change the course of the gay movement one bit. The part of straight America that is repulsed by drag queens is quite possibly even more terrified by the so-called “normal” gays, because ‘those clever calculating creatures look JUST LIKE US, and can infiltrate and get access to our precious children. And that’s been their disgusting plan all along, of course.’ “

There’s lots more good stuff in the post. Read it, and go have yourselves a ball at Pride. (snicker)

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