Homophobia is a mental disorder.

(Two can play at this game, wackaloons, only we’re armed with facts.)

From the website:

“Homophobia outbreaks are usually triggered by the repressed homosexual longings of an individual near the middle of the continuum of sexual orientation (the Kinsey Scale).  These primary cases often lead to the secondary infection of those around them as the victims use compensating behaviors to mask their own insecurities (such as quoting obscure scriptural verses they interpret to prohibit homosexual acts and generally demonizing gays and lesbians).”

As a sidenote, have you noticed that wingnuts and their waterheaded followers never seem to bitch about the “lesbian lifestyle”? We wouldn’t want to interfere with that straight-guy fantasies about two big-titted lipstick types going after each other, I guess.

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