We grabbed the brass ring. Now we need to hold onto it.

We’ve all heard about the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Here are some salient points we all need to keep within our sights:

  1. It’s not ObamaCare. You look like an idiot when you call it that. It’s the Affordable Care Act, or if you prefer, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
  2. Congress approved it. The President signed it. The Supreme Court upheld it. All three competing and equal branches of government said it’s Constitutional. You don’t have to like it but stop saying it’s unconstitutional or, worse, that it’s Obama’s fault. 545 members of government played a role in it’s[sic] existence in it’s [sic] current form.
  3. I don’t like the individual mandate either but it’s here and it’s real and we all better get used to it.
  4. If I see you threaten violence, I will punch you in person and if I’m not with you in person, I will unfriend/unfollow you. Someone actually suggested the only way to fix this “problem” is by getting your guns out. Not. The. Answer. Stop being a barbarian.

(What did Asimov say about violence being the last refuge of the incompetent?)

I will add several points here.

  • We all live in a social web of interdependence.
  • We (you and I) are made to spend money on public works we’ll never use personally, just as others pay into public works that we use and they don’t. I’ve never needed to have the fire department save my house, family, or life, but I don’t begrudge one dime of what I spend to have them available.
  • Former British MP Tony Benn is interviewed about the origin of the British National Health Service (NHS) in Michael Moore’s Sicko, NHS was begun because of the privations suffered by Britain after World War II. Doctors were scarce, public transportation was nonexistent, and even decent food was hard to find. “We all had to hang together, and pull together, in order to make our society work again. That is how National Health began.”

The whining from conservatives today is no different than that about the advent of (American) public schools, public roads, public parks, and Social Security. The blowhards will blow hard for awhile, and then they’ll blow away. And with any luck, Rush Limbaugh will move to Costa Rica and leave us alone.

Or not. As a humorous capper to this subject:

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