“I cain’t see ta woods, Clem! Too many goddam trees in ta way!”

From Shakesville’s Feminism 101:

For straight men, who exist in a culture largely structured to accommodate male primacy, pulling apart the intrinsic nature of men from the socialization borne of a society that reinforces the privilege of maleness, is exponentially more difficult. And thusly, lots of men cannot dissociate their rigid understanding of manhood from the societal influences which are largely mutable; they’ve had no reason to question whether a society that so perfectly suits them has created a definition of manhood that isn’t “real,” and so attempts to change society are inextricably linked to attempts to change men in ways they believe they cannot be changed. And that makes a lot of men angry.

I can’t tell you that I agree with “feminism” any more, because there are so many schools of thought on it, some more radical and extreme than others, with all sorts of confusing messages. It’s enough to give Woody Allen a neurotic breakdown.

Shakesville’s feminist primer is a good place to start for someone who is looking for some answers about the subject. I have a difficult time accepting the entire body of thought there, but there is much that is good and true.

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