State Hall of Shame: Florida

Why do the voters in Florida continue to tolerate Governor Rick Scott?

Scott co-founded Columbia Hospital Systems in 1987. He resigned from Columbia’s CEO position in 1997 amid proven Medicaid fraud to the tune of an $880 million repayment to the U. S. government; this was in addition to over $2 billion in successful civil law suits filed by individuals. Columbia’s board paid Scott $350 million in stock and $9.8 million to just go away.

In 2001 Scott co-founded Solantic, a chain of medical clinics. Solantic has been repeated sued by those who claimed that the company would not hire elderly or overweight employees; those suits were settled out of court for undisclosed sums. (Solantic is mentioned again in a moment.)

Once Scott was elected Florida’s governor in 2010, he has:

  • maneuvered implementation of a state amendment that would prevent political parties from jiggering voting districts to favor one party or another at elections.
  • refused to put his considerable assets into blind trusts, as is usually done by office holders so as to prevent conflicts of interest. (His Solantic holdings were gifted to Mrs. Scott, so the couple could both keep an eye on them.)
  • signed a bill requiring welfare recipients to pay for their own drug tests in order to receive state aid. Scott also requires all state employees to take quarterly drug tests. (Solantic stands to gain a good deal of income, since it was the first business given permission by the state to administer such tests.)
  • refused over $2.3 billion in federal money to develop high-speed rail in Florida (thus turning down development and jobs).
  • refused to obey the state-level provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). These provisions would expand medical care available to the poor and elderly in Florida.
  • not only tried to bury an April 2012 CDC report about an outbreak of tuberculosis in Florida (thus endangering the public), but then proceeded after the report’s release to close the state’s only hospital dedicated to TB treatment.

How many shady deals and outright crimes must Rick Scott commit before Florida voters finally get wise?

Will he have to eat a puppy during a press conference?

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One comment on “State Hall of Shame: Florida

  1. I live in Central Florida. I didn’t vote for Scott (aka, Lord Voldemort) nor did I vote for Rubio. I am hoping those who did have learned their lesson. Money talks and crooks get elected unless people stay INFORMED and not by “FAUX news.”

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