A breath of reality

This is a rerun of a video I ran a couple of years ago, but I ran across the soundtrack (DJ Madson’s “Is This the Real Thing?”), and in light of the religious wackadoodleness that’s been running about like a rabid Rottweiler on crank lately, I thought it was appropriate to remind people of a few facts.

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2 comments on “A breath of reality

  1. Michael Keller says:

    Good video, but I was disappointed not to see the Good Doctor (Asimov).

    • givesgoodemail says:

      Dr. A. was in the original version of Zak’s video, but he modified it for re-release on Vimeo because of several factual errors. Indeed, he kept in the George the Elder’s quote even though this is no corroboration that Bush actually said it.

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