There are levels of evil

Ran across this cartoon yesterday:

I despise the culture that forces women to wear birqa, and I have come to despise the culture that objectifies women as sex objects. Patriarchy can be found in many flavors, all of them evil.

However, the cartoonist (and the blogger whose post I found) both miss one important point:

  • The woman on the left could wear birqa and not be stoned to death for it.
  • The woman on the right would be stoned to death if she wore the bikini.

Therein lies a crucial difference between the cultures.

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3 comments on “There are levels of evil

  1. John says:

    Unless of course if she lives in France then the woman on the left could wear the bikini and not the birqua.

  2. givesgoodemail says:

    Yes, and I didn’t see eye-to-eye with the French decision. Aside from the patriarchal outlook that demands such apparel, I don’t like to see governments dictating such things. (IIRC, one cannot wear religious symbols — crucifixes, Stars of David, etc. — as jewelry in French schools.)

    Dictating personal appearance is a very dangerous and very slippery slope.

  3. maham says:

    you have yet to prove your point and think about the whole matter more, am not not taking sides with the woman in burka or thw woman without but you really need to know what is the truth behind the burka what value does it holds in the religions and cultures in which they are wore, you cant just trust the stories displayed by the media and on the internet. hope you get the know the truth have a blessed day

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