Selling your soul, one book at a time

Most of us have heard about the recent kerfluffle about Chick-Fill-A. I’ve written about them a couple of times before, and I still don’t know why anyone would eat there. (Nasty, dried-out chicken and dry potatoes.)

It seems that the publisher Harper-Collins has been working to clinch a deal with C-F-A to give away Berenstain Bears books in their children’s meals. The keenly ironic detail here is that the creator of the Bears isn’t very happy about this, but has no control over what his publisher does with the books.

Let Harper-Collins know what you think about them doing business with someone who spits in the face of some of your friends.

Here’s what the Berenstains think about the affair:

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One comment on “Selling your soul, one book at a time

  1. BGryphon says:

    If you read the BB company’s note carefully you will see they don’t actually say whether they approve or disapprove of their books being found at CFA- they merely say ‘please don’t bug us’.

    From the BB company website:
    “Shortly before his father’s death, Mike suggested to Stan and Jan that they create a new sub-line of Berenstain Bears books on spiritual themes while continuing to publish their traditional storybooks. They co-created the first four titles in the ongoing Living Lights series which were published after Stan’s death.”

    The LL series is published by an imprint of Zondervan – publisher of bibles and other (christian-specific) religious books. But until or unless the BB company says (or does) something further there is no way to know if that notice is an attempt to avoid stating they agree or whether they do not agree wit CFA but don’t want to lose some part of their customer base.

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