Be careful what you pray for

Per Pam’s House Blend:

Be careful what you pray for. Remember back in August, 2008 when Focus on the Family’s Stuart Shepard asked people to pray that Barack Obama’s Democratic nominee acceptance speech would get swamped by torrential rain?

Would it be wrong to ask people to pray? Would it be wrong if we asked people to pray for rain?

O.K., not just rain, abundant rain. Torrential rain. Urban and small stream flood advisory rain.

Would it be wrong if we prayed for rain on, say, a particular night at, say, a particular location? Ah, say the evening of August 28th, right here at Mile High Stadium here in Denver. During the prime time t.v. hour when a certain presumptive nominee is set to give a certain acceptance speech at a certain Democratic National Convention?

I’m talkin’ umbrella ain’t gonna help ya rain. Not flood people out of their houses rain, just good old swamp the intersections rain.

Yes, the douchenozzles at Focus on the Family wanted Barack Obama’s acceptance speech at the 2008 Democratic National Convention to be rained out.

Well, guess what, FotF and GOP droolers? Whoever picks the weather finally got your request.

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