Terpsichore occasionally makes me cry

One of the great jewels in the crown of American singers, performing an unlikely song that meshes with his life so well that tears well up in my eyes when I hear it.


“Wadda ya mean, you won’t do it for free?!”

This piece of artwork came my way via Facebook this evening (Thanks, Mark!):

That got me to thinking about this wonderfully educational, sweet-natured video from Harlan Ellison:

Yes, Virginia, artists need money for groceries and rent, just like the rest of us. Think about that the next time you feel the urge to ask that artist friend of yours for just a quick sketch, or a quick coaching session for that three-minute monologue.


Occasionally, you run across morality preserved in a piece of art that makes you just say, “….wow.”

Here’s what I ran across today:

Yeah, it has some religious references in it, but Chaplin’s speech (from The Great Dictator) is still one of the great humanist soliloquies.