Religion doesn’t necessarily make for nice people

Over the course of four years, 130 women and girls (one as young as three) have been repeatedly raped at night after their homes were pumped full of anesthetic gas.

Sound like a Stephen King novel, doesn’t it?

It’s not. It happened in the Mennonite colony of Manitoba, outside Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

From the Time article:

In a criminal trial now under way in nearby Santa Cruz, Peter Weiber, 48, a Mennonite veterinarian, is accused of transforming a chemical meant to anesthetize cows into a spray to be used on humans. For four years, Weiber and eight other Mennonite men allegedly sprayed the chemical through bedroom windows in Manitoba at night, sedating entire families and raping the females.

The victims, being “mere women” in a religious patriarchal hell, will continue to be victims, of course.

But even if they’re [the nine men involved] convicted, closure will be difficult for the victims, especially since many feel they can no longer trust their insular community to help them deal with the trauma. It’s hard to blame them: shockingly, some of Manitoba Colony’s male leaders have suggested that because the women were usually sedated during the rapes, they have no psychological wounds. None have yet received counseling. “I’d like to be able to talk to someone, but it will have to be when I learn Spanish,” says [victim Susan] Banman. (emphasis mine)

That figures. The colony’s women are not allowed to learn Spanish, so as to further lock down their isolation in this batshit crazy colony of wackaloons.

Would the colony elders have the same attitude if someone repeatedly sprayed anasthesia into their houses, turned them over on their stomachs, and butt-raped them and their sons repeatedly.

Somehow I don’t think so.

(Thanks to Jen for the tip.)
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