How wrong-headed could people be?!

Here are two books that every wingnut perv/conservative politico ought to have on the bookshelves:

Here are two books, one written by Karen Santorum (and foreworded by Joe Paterno, FFS!) and the other written by George “Lift my luggage” Rekers. Here are two books involving people who have allowed or encouraged adults to abuse children sexually and/or psychologically.

I thought these were both bad jokes. They are not, and they are both for sale at your favorite bookstore. Be sure to give them a pass today.

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Buy a book, buy a candidate

There’s been a lot of discussion about how little some Republican presidential campaigns resemble true efforts to get elected, and how much they resemble book tours:

With the exception of Santorum’s tome, all of these books were published (and all ghosted with the possible exception of Paul’s book) in 2010 or 2011.

The candidates are shamelessly promoting their books on their campaign. Indeed, Cain will pass on a campaign stop in preference to a book tour signing and sale. One would suspect that David and Charles Koch instructed their political progeny to make bucks (and dodge campaign finance laws) by selling books while selling themselves.

I note with disgust to see that, while the previous edition of Huntsman’s book was forwarded by Larry King, the expanded edition has a scree penned by schlock-meister Glenn Beck. Mr. Huntsman should know better.