Occasionally, you run across morality preserved in a piece of art that makes you just say, “….wow.”

Here’s what I ran across today:

Yeah, it has some religious references in it, but Chaplin’s speech (from The Great Dictator) is still one of the great humanist soliloquies.

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Inspiration and affirmation

Today’s a goof-off sort of day (I got married this week, we had guests that left yesterday afternoon, I’m looking for work again, etc.), so I thought I’d just gather together a few of my favorite video bits that inspired me and that occasionally remind me that the good fight is really worth it.


From what is arguably Charlie Chaplin’s best movie, City Lights is the story of a tramp that falls in love with a blind girl. The scene below is the very end of the movie.


I posted a video yesterday about the moral responsibility of wearing your seat belt.


Where the hell is Matt? is pretty commonly known now, but it was pointed out to me when it first appeared, and I was quite taken by it.

(Here is an older video of Matt’s.)


I love the Wet Spots. They’re enthusiastic, they’re sexy, and they make me laugh. (NSFW)


You’ve got to love weddings (mine was wonderful!). Here’s more wonderfulness.