“Courage is fire, and bullying is smoke”

Disraeli had it right, and here’s proof:

Here is Anonymous’ reply to the school suspending the victim:

Anonymous followed through on the threat; the IP address (the school system’s portal server to the internet) is still down at 23:00 GMT.

Contact information is Chifley College Dunheved, Maple Road, St. Mary NSW 2760 (Australia).

The principle’s name is Tim C. Jones, and he can be reached at 9623-6600 (plus the usual international country codes/city codes/whatever codes).

Is it a moral act to retaliate in kind for being physically struck? Is it immoral for Anonymous to LOIC the school’s computer system in retaliation?

The immoral act here is the school allowing this to happen–just like every other public school I’ve ever been exposed to.

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