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Watch all of the video, please.

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Selling your soul, one book at a time

Most of us have heard about the recent kerfluffle about Chick-Fill-A. I’ve written about them a couple of times before, and I still don’t know why anyone would eat there. (Nasty, dried-out chicken and dry potatoes.)

It seems that the publisher Harper-Collins has been working to clinch a deal with C-F-A to give away Berenstain Bears books in their children’s meals. The keenly ironic detail here is that the creator of the Bears isn’t very happy about this, but has no control over what his publisher does with the books.

Let Harper-Collins know what you think about them doing business with someone who spits in the face of some of your friends.

Here’s what the Berenstains think about the affair:

Homophobia is a mental disorder.

(Two can play at this game, wackaloons, only we’re armed with facts.)

From the website:

“Homophobia outbreaks are usually triggered by the repressed homosexual longings of an individual near the middle of the continuum of sexual orientation (the Kinsey Scale).  These primary cases often lead to the secondary infection of those around them as the victims use compensating behaviors to mask their own insecurities (such as quoting obscure scriptural verses they interpret to prohibit homosexual acts and generally demonizing gays and lesbians).”

As a sidenote, have you noticed that wingnuts and their waterheaded followers never seem to bitch about the “lesbian lifestyle”? We wouldn’t want to interfere with that straight-guy fantasies about two big-titted lipstick types going after each other, I guess.

“Your true colors, shining through”

The religious crapnuts are again showing you what the world would be like, if they were in charge.

Ever heard of Fred Karger? He’s running for the Republican presidential nomination. He’s the candidate you never saw on the televised debates; he’s the candidate that the other candidates never chose to face.

Why? Because he’s moderate (gasp!), pro-choice (gasp!), and pro-marriage equality (gasp!gasp!). And he’s gay and open about it.

‘Nuff said, right?

Here’s his latest campaign video (for the California primary):

This video was posted on YouTube, and then taken down within 24 hours. Here’s the notice Karger’s campaign folks got:

Look through the video yourself, and try to see what “community guidelines” were violated.

The two guys smooching is my best guess. Should that give this video the old “heave-ho” at a time when you can see naked breasts and outlines of erections through tight underwear throughout YouTube?


Send the anti-equality wackjobs a message and do the viral thing with this video, ‘kay? Show YouTube the veracity of Great Internet Truth #12.

Message from Ladybird to the rest of the world!

As an obvious dig at Michele Obama’s urging for children to eat healthier meals, Mr. Michele Bachmann has this to say:

“I’ve decided my cause is not going to be happy meals. We are going to be the message-givers…we are going to get this message across. Marriage is between one man and one woman. We are going to promote families.”

Now listen to this and tell me that we don’t have a major closet case acting out as a homophobe:


“Now that we’re done with civics for the day, it’s unreasoned homophobia quiz time!”

Apple is rather obnoxiously picky about how an app gets included into the iTunes Store.

However, the Android app store needs to pick up a little more pickiness. There is an app out there, in the “20 Questions” neighborhood, that is supposed to show whether or not your son is gay.

No, really. Here are the questions, along with the answers my parents would have given:

  • Before he was born, did you wish for a girl? (no, my parents didn’t)
  • Has he ever been in a fight? (no)
  • Does he read the sports page in he newspaper? (no)
  • Is his best friend a girl? (yes)
  • Does he like team sports? (no!)
  • Is he modest? (yes)
  • Is he a fan of divas (Madonna, Britney Spears)? (not really)
  • Does he spend a long time in the bathroom? (inordinate amounts of time)
  • Does he have piercings in his tongue, nose or ears? (no)
  • Do you wonder about your son’s sexual orientation? (yes)
  • Are you divorced? (no)
  • Does he like musical comedies? (hate ‘em)
  • Has he ever introduced you to a girlfriend? (yes)
  • Is his father a very authoritarian person? (yes!)
  • Within your family, is the father absent at all? (yes, somewhat)
  • During his childhood, was he timid or discreet? (yes)
  • Does he have a complicated relationship with his father? (yes)
  • Does he take a long time to do his hair? (yes)
  • Does he like to dress well: is he very careful when choosing his outfits and selecting brands? (no)
  • Does he like football? (no!)

(I flunked 13 out of 20. That doesn’t make me gay — and I’m not.)

The saddest thing about this pitiful attempt to determine a son’s sexual orientation is not that it helps parents avoid the personal, trusting relationship that would allow open communication about a child’s preferences. It’s also not the childishly inept attempt to classify sexual preference based on clumsy, inexact, meaningless questions that perpetuate stereotypes and promote unreasoned fear about whether a son likes or dislikes something as meaningless as football (FFS!).

The saddest thing about the app is this picture of the mother that comes bundled with the app:

"The horror! The...horror!"

Note the carefully staged photography, showing a terrified mother on the brink of a horrible discovery about her son. Her expression is that of someone who’s about to open the closet door and find her child performing some morally bankrupt ritual such as…admiring the shiny bedspreads in the Sears catalog.

What utter bullshit.

Whoever paid for and spearheaded this app’s creation richly deserves the Dumbass of the Day Award.

“Who likes white people??”

“Thank you, Jason!

“Who like white people?”

So here is Crazy Eyes, preaching to her kind of crowd. This is where you see the real truth about this woman–where she’s comfortable, knowing that she is crowd-deep in Christian Dominionist homophobes. She doesn’t have to dodge the “tough” questions like her call for a Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, or calling for removal of the federal minimum wage law, or explaining her exceedingly poor legislative record and lack of knowledge of foreign policy.

She’s now revealed as adhering to the third leg of the Dominionist belief: homophobia, absolute control of the federal government, and racism.

For those who are interested, this took place at the Spirit Midwest Christian Music Festival in Des Moines IA on August 5 and 6 this year. There was a “rumor” that a blind woman regained her sight the day after the festival, which give you an idea of the kind of mentality we’re dealing with here.

Just remember her words–

“Who like white people?”


UPDATE: Okay, okay, the band was called something like “White People’s Funky Garage Band” or some such. However, think about this: how could someone who professes to have the intellect to run the United States allow her/himself to be caught saying something like, “Who likes white people?” without at least reflecting on how that might sound?

Oh, and dig on how she’s “in tune” with higher powers:

“I don’t know how much God has to do to get the attention of the politicians. We’ve had an earthquake; we’ve had a hurricane. He said, ‘Are you going to start listening to me here?’”

I’d love to see her position papers on how to deal with the Middle East based on a world-view like that.

Boy Scouts–your child’s shortcut to bigotry and hatred

The Boy Scouts of America has a long history of homophobia and religious bigotry.

Denise Steele found this out after six years of active service to them.

Her son Jackson was a Cub Scout, and Ms. Steele was an active leader in that group. When Jackson turned 12, he moved on to the Boy Scouts, and his mom followed right along, working hard to become an assistant Scoutmaster.

Sounds like a nice arrangement, right? Here’s a parent who takes an active role in her children’s interests. Here’s a parent who provides positive role model qualities to her children and to other parents.

The only fly in the ointment? Ms. Steele is gay.

Jaden and Jackson Steele, Denise Steele (mom), and Jackie Funk (mom)

Denise Steele and Jackie Funk have been in a steady relationship for 19 years. Steele didn’t flaunt her sexual orientation, but she didn’t try to hide it either–much like most other adults.

Now enter into this drama Asshole #1. Waterheaded buttinsky ‘phobe Assistant Scoutmaster Skip Inabinett started asking questions about Ms. Steele and her family life. When he discovered that (gasp!) she was gay, he made noise to the scout troup’s charter organization leader Esther Schaeffer (Asshole #2) and Phil Holliday (Asshole #3), the executive pastor at Christian Fellowship Church, which is the troup’s sponsor.

Schaeffer and Holliday then ousted Steele from the group, claiming that they were only obeying orders following the Boy Scouts’ charter rules. The irony here is that the lead Scoutmaster (Mike Tucker) knew about the relationship between Steele and Funk because Steele told him about it up front; Tucker told her that it shouldn’t be a problem.

Boy, was he wrong.

While some chapters follow the group’s rules religiously (no pun intended), others use some discretion and (gasp again!) common sense. It is not common for women to be involved in Boy Scout leadership, and the fact that she was willing to do so speaks volumes for her worth as both a parent and a caring person.

Christian Fellowship Church, unfortunately, doesn’t practice the compassion they preach. The church tosses out a hard-working mother because of a matter that is strictly personal and doesn’t enter into her abilities or fitness one tiny bit.

You might want to drop a line or a call (keep it civil, please) to Phil Holliday and his sanctimonious bunch at

Christian Fellowship Church
21673 Beaumeade Circle, Ashburn, VA 20147

Let them know what you think about religious organizations that weigh irrelevancies far above a person’s worth and the good works that they do.

Ron Paul, the presidential candidate? Ron Paul, the racist homophobe.

Dear Mr. Ron Paul:

Remember when all that hoo-rah came out in 2007 about some rather unpleasant writings, attributed to you, that were made public? It was from a publication called The Ron Paul Political Report.

Contained within were spews such as:

“Indeed, it is shocking to consider the uniformity of opinion among blacks in this country. Opinion polls consistently show that only about 5% of blacks have sensible political opinions, i.e. support the free market, individual liberty, and the end of welfare and affirmative action…. Given the inefficiencies of what D.C. laughingly calls the “criminal justice system,” I think we can safely assume that 95% of the black males in that city are semi-criminal or entirely criminal.(emphasis mine)


“University of Texas affirmative action law professor Barbara Jordan is a fraud. Everything from her imitation British accent, to her supposed expertise in law, to her distinguished career in public service, is made up. If there were ever a modern case of the empress without clothes, this is it. She is the archetypical half-educated victimologist, yet her race and sex protect her from criticism.” (again, emphasis mine)

You claimed that the material was not yours; you maintained that you didn’t write any of it, and that someone had attributed it to you without your knowledge.

Okay. Despite the fact that different sources quoted the same material, it was not out of the realm of possibility. Fair enough.

But wait! Now it turns out that there wasn’t just one issue of your report. There were years of such reports, under various names, and all published by organizations that you either founded or in which you were a stakeholder. Writer James Kerchick found multiple issues in the archives of the University of Kansas and the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Here is some more of your drivel contained within:

June 1990: “The Pink House? What an outrage that, for the first time in our nation’s history, the organized forces of perversion were feted in the White House…. I miss the closet. Homosexuals, not to speak of the rest of society, were far better off when social pressure forced them to hide their activities. They could also not be as promiscuous. Is it any coincidence that the AIDS epidemic developed after they came ‘out of the closet,’ and started hyper-promiscuous sodomy? I don’t believe so, medically or morally.”


October 1990: A mob of black demonstrators, led by the ‘Rev.’ Al Sharpton, occupied and closed the Statue of Liberty recently, demanding that New York be renamed Martin Luther King City ‘to reclaim it for our people.’ Hmmm. I hate to agree with the Rev. Al, but maybe a name change is in order. Welfaria? Zooville? Rapetown? Dirtburg? Lazyopolis? But Al, the Statue of Liberty? Next time, hold that demonstration at a food stamp bureau or a crack house.”

For someone who espouses a liberterian philosophy, you sure sound like your garden-variety homophobe and racist.

And you want people to vote for you? Really?

(Muchas gracias to La Spouse® for the tip.)

What came first: da chickn or deceit?

Who knew barnyard animals could be so hateful?

Chick-Fil-A has given over a million dollars to groups that sponsor homophobic activities and publicize lies and distortions about LGBT groups and gay marriage. These groups include Focus on the Family (with which Chik-Fil-A has a partnership), and the following groups:

  • National Christian Foundation: $631,600
  • Fellowship Of Christian Athletes: $480,000
  • Serving Marriages, Inc.: $15,000
  • Alliance Defense Fund: $5,000
  • Christian Camp And Conference Association: $5,000
  • Campus Crusade for Christ: $2,850
  • Georgia Family Council: $2,000
  • Family Research Council: $1,000

In addition, Chick-Fil-A:

  • investigates would-be franchise owners for “sin” (employees may be fired for committing “sin”)
  • sponsors hate groups such as the American Family Association
  • has a charitable arm (called WinShape) that sponsored activities that explictly exclude gay singles or couples

Eat more chickn, or beef, or fish, or whatever you like. Just don’t support a bunch of homophobic bigots like Chick-Fil-A.

I was wondering when this would happen

Eugene Delgaudio, the self-proclaimed “Public Advocate for the United States” and rabid homophobic closet case especial, is broke and scared.

“But now, my friend, I need to count on you. I absolutely must raise $107,372.19 in the next 25 days to pay past bills and keep programs going. I need to be able to count on you for a special gift of $50 or more. Can I count on you? If I am not able to raise the money, I don’t know what I will do. I don’t know how I can keep fighting. Without you, it will be impossible to hold off the Gay Bill of Special Rights, the Homosexual Classrooms Act or the Entry for Alien Homosexuals Bill. (Note: none of these “bills” exist.)

Why is he broke? Could it be that he spent more money than he had?

Why is he scared? He’s afraid evil homosexuals will discover his indebtedness secret and swoop in to destroy him.

(We could only hope.)

Thanks to Joe for the tip. I wish I knew where he’s getting Delgaudio’s proclamations.)

Remind me: *who’s* the barbarian here?

There’s a lovely story from Reuters about a United Nations resolution’s intent being shot down by a bunch of homophobic assholes.

The resolution, passed biannually by the UN, was originally worded to condemn “extrajudicial, summary and arbitrary executions”, including an explicit list of reasons for doing so. That list included “sexual orientation”.

This year, however, a number of Arab and African countries (including Morocco and Mali) pushed an amendment to the resolution that removed “sexual orientation” and replaced it with “discriminatory reasons on any basis”. The amendment passed 79-70 (the U.S. voted no), and the resolution passed the general assembly 165-0-10 (the U.S. abstained).

No one wants to be condemned for murdering (“extralegal”, indeed) gays, do they? Or suspected gays? Or people who aid and abet gays? How about “ministers of God” who promote “extralegal” murder?